Umeda Michigo is the former member of the idol group Asa Musume. She withdraw from the group alongside Okuda Sakura in January 2013. 


Name: Umeda Michigo

Nicknames: Umimi, Mii, Micchichichii, Micchichi, Michi

Birth Date: 6.5.1998

Heigh: 157 cm

Months in Asa Musume: 4 months

Former Asa Musume Color: Red

Favourite Food: Stawberries, rice, meatballs, fruit candies

Special Skills: Gymnastics, photographing, keeping her room tidy

Audition song: aMa no Jaku by S/mileage.


- She is close with 1st generation members

- She has three younger sisters and one big brother. 

- She colored her hair red to stand out with her member color in Asa Musume, which was red. 

- She has a guinea pig named Suki-chan. 

- She has stated, that Okuda Sakura is excelled leader. 

- She cried during her withdraw announcemend and her audition. 

- She loves dancing. 

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