Sato Haruna is 2nd generation member of idol group Asa Musume. She'll graduate from the group in 13th of February of 2015.


Name: Sato Haruna 

Birthdate: January 11, 1997 

Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan 

Heigh: 168 cm 

Blood type: O 

Member Colour in Asa Musume: Brown 

Hobbies: Shopping 

Skills: Piano, making people laugh 

Favourite food: anything spicy 

Favourite colour: Dark green, purple, black, dark blue 


- She has said that she is bad at dancing

- She has one younger sister and two big brothers.

- Her favourite manga is Inuyasha and her favourite character is Shippo. 

- She loves snow

- She calls Mitsui Ran  "Kid". 

- Her favourite Asa Musume member is Okuda Sakura

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