Okuda Sakura is the former 1st generation member of imaginary idol group Asa Musume, as well as the former leader of the group. She withdraw from the group alongside fellow 1st generation member Umeda Michigo in January 2013. 


Name: Okuda Sakura 

Nicknames: Saku, Sakusaku, Oku-Sa-Sa-Tan, Oku-san, OkSa. 

Birthdate: September 17th 1996 

Blood type: O 

Height: 165 cm

Months in Asa Musume: 4 months

Former Asa Musume Color: Purple

Favourite food: Takoyaki, plums, grapes

Special Skills: Massage, keep her head cool whatever happens

Audition song: Madayade by Berryz Koubou

Singles Participated in: Edit

Samui ne.



- She is close friends with Asa Musume 1st generation. 

- She loves cats, and she have a cat named Hime. 

- Her hobby is jogging and reading books. 

- She has been in really high skilled ballet school. 

- Her favourite color is purple. 

- Umeda Michigo has stated, that Okuda is excellend leader. 

- While announcing her withdraw with Umeda Michigo, she tried to look strong, but cried after all, when Umeda started to cry as well. 

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