Ogawa Sayumi is Asa Musume's 2nd generation member. 


Name: Ogawa Sayumi 

Birthdate: October 30, 1996 

Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan 

Blood type: O 

Height: 165 cm 

Member colour in Asa Musume: Light pink 

Hobbies: Dancing, zumba 

Speciall skill: Drawing 

Favourite food: Tapioca 

Favourite colours: Pink and black 

Favourite animals: Cats 


- Other 2nd gen members named her as 2nd generation leader

- Fu Miaka calls her "Hime". ("princess")

- She very interested about fashion. 

- Just couple weeks since she joined Asa Musume, she injured her leg, and she had to take a rest for some time. 

- Her favourite song is Melodies by GAM. 

- She is a big C-ute and Up Up Girls fan. 

- She lived few years in America when she was a kid, because her grandmother is from America.

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