Nakajima Mio is member of imaginary idol group Asa Musume.


Name: Nakajima Mio

Nicknames:  NakaMio, Miochii, Revolution

Birthdate: October 27

Heigh: 159.9 cm 

Blood type: A

Hobbies: Watching Disney movies and series 

Special skills: sports 

Favourite food: Mushrooms, shellfish

Favourite colors: Dark blue, violet, black

Favourite Asa Musume song: Seishun Domannaka


- Her favourite Asa Musume member is Umeda Michigo

- She was in sport and swimming club in her school

- She has two younger brothers 

- In Asa Musume, she gets along best with Mitsui Ran and Iida Suzu

- She has dog named Cheese

- She is a big fan of Finnish rapper, Cheek.

- She is currently the youngest member of Asa Musume

Aino Miku calls her with a nickname Revolution. When asked why her answer was "cause I want to". 

Ogawa Sayumi states her as a bossy girl who should have been born as a boy. Nakajima takes this as a compliment. 

- She is known of her husky voice 

- She knows how to juggle 

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