Maeda Erina is 3rd generation member of imaginary idol group Asa Musume. 


Name: Maeda Erina

Nicknames: Eripon, Eririn, Maeri 

Birthdate: 20.9.

Heigh: 154.4 cm

Blood type: B

Hobbies: Drawing, jogging 

Favourite food: waffles 

Favourite color: dark green

Favourite Asa Musume song: The Matenrou Show

Special skills: Can text without looking at the keys 

Trivia Edit

- In Asa Musume, she gets along best with Fu Miaka and Kagawa Sae

- Her favourite season is autummn.

- Her favourite subject is English

- She hates sushi. 

- She has played piano and drums since 5 years old.

- She loves Fu Miaka 

- She has a younger sister 

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