Kagawa Sae is 3rd generation member of imaginary idol group Asa Musume.


Name: Kagawa Sae

Nicknames: SaeSae, Sae-sama 

Birthdate: November 11

Heigh: 152.5 cm 

Blood type: O

Hobbies: Observing people, recording TV shows 

Speciall skills: Sleeping

Favourite food: Avocado, melon, cheese, hamburgers

Favourite color: yellow, red, pink, black, white 

Favourite Asa Musume song: MY BOY


- She has a younger brother 

- She gets along best with Maeda ErinaAino Miku and Mitsui Ran

- Her favourite season is winter

- She has a short temper 

- Members younger than her are scared when she is angry 

- She cried when she heard that she didn't pass 2nd generation auditions

- She said the most embrassing moment in her life was when she was out shopping and talked to a stranger for a long period of time thinking it was her mother. 

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