Iida Suzu is 3rd generation member of imaginary idol group Asa Musume


Name: Iida Suzu

Nicknames:  Suzuchii, Suzzu, Zusu

Birthdate: May 7 

Heigh: 153 cm

Blood type: A 

Hobbies: riding horses, ballet 

Special skills: Ballet

Favourite color: Orange, yellow, light green

Favourite food: soba, udon 

Favourite Asa Musume song: Samui ne.


- She gets along best with Nakajima Mio and Mitsui Ran

- She is scared of cats

- She has a hamster named Chii

- She has older brother and younger sister

- Her friend auditioned with her, but she didn't pass

- Her favourite place is her room

- She often writes poems

- Her favourite season is spring

-  Her favourite Asa Musume member is Aino Miku

- She loves amusement parks

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