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Groups's 5th single, Resonant Blue was released. 
Groups's 5th single, Resonant Blue was released. 
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Asa Musume is imaginary idol group, it is something like a parody of japanese idol group Morning Musume. 

Asa Musume was formed in August 2012 with 4 girls, but suddenly 2 of them had to leave in January 2013 after two singles , and new auditions were held. After auditions, 3 new girls joined. 

Current Members:

Fu Miaka  ( Leader, 1st generation )

- Aino Miku  ( 1st geneation )

- Ogawa Sayumi  ( 2nd generation )

- Sato Haruna  ( 2nd generation )

- Mitsui Ran ( 2nd generation )

Maeda Erina ( 3rd generation )

Kagawa Sae ( 3rd generation )

Iida Suzu ( 3rd generation )

Nakajima Mio ( 3rd generation )


1st generation: ( 14.9.2012 )

- Okuda Sakura ( left the group in January 2013 )

- Fu Miaka

- Umeda Michigo ( left the group in January 2013 )

- Aino Miku

2nd generation: ( 22.3.2013 )

Ogawa Sayumi 

- Sato Haruna

- Mitsui Ran


1. Samui ne.  ( 10.11.2012.)

2. MY BOY ( 13.12.2012 )

3. Aitai Aitai Aitai na  ( 2.4.2013 )

4. The Matenrou Show ( 23.7.2013 )

5. Resonant Blue ( 9.9.2013 )




New idol group auditions was announced in July 15th. 


Okuda Sakura, Fu Miaka, Umeda Michigo and Aino Miku were annouced as members of Asa Musume, as well Okuda Sakura was announced to be the leader and Fu Miaka to be the sub-leader of the group. 


 Group's first single was released, titled Samui ne. 


 Groups's second single, MY BOY was released. 



Okuda Sakura and Umeda Michigo withdraw from the group together in January 12th. The reason was, that they wanted to finish their studies. Few days later, January 16th, 2nd generation auditions were announced, and Fu Miaka became the leader of the group.


2nd generation joined in March 22th with 3 new girls, Ogawa Sayumi, Sato Haruna and Mitsui Ran. Their debut single was announced.


Groups 3rd single, Aitai Aitai Aitai na was released as 2nd generation's debut single. 


Group's 4th single, The Matenrou Show was released. Also, the surprise 3rd generation members were announced. Generation was made up of girls, who didn't pass 2nd generation auditions, but were very popular among fans.


Groups's 5th single, Resonant Blue was released. 

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