Aino Miku is the 1st generation member of idol group Asa Musume. 


Name: Aino Miku

Birthdate: December 23, 1999 

Birthplace: Arakawa, Tokyo, Japan 

Blood type: AB 

Heigh: 157.5 cm 

Member colour in Asa Musume: Light blue 

Special skills: Dancing, arguing, manipulation 

Hobbies: Watching DVDs, buying makeup, karaoke 

Favourite colours: Blue, pink, white, yellow 

Favourite season: Winter 

Favourite flowers: Roses 


- She's close friends with 1st generation members 

- Fellow 1st generation member, Fu Miaka is her best friend 

- As stated by other members of Asa Musume, it's useless to argue with her because she can manipulate anyone to agree with her. 

- She has one younger brother 

- She's attending a private middle school 

- She says that she'll run a family business after her activities in Asa Musume 

- She usually wears perfume 

- She's known of her sharp tongue 

- She's stated as the best dancer of Asa Musume 

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